Online Self-Led Courses

Self-Led Online Courses are an introduction to the digestive system. The short online courses provide a greater understanding of the digestive issues and suggests solutions to the issues. Short-term approaches that are practical and can result in positive changes.

The online courses are for anyone who requires help with issues like bloating, abdominal pain, wind, painful gas, tummy-ache and stomach problems. Adults and parents of children with digestive issues could all benefit from the advice in the online course.


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  • Fight-Fatigue-and-Fibromyalgia-Summit-Recording

    Fight Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Summit Recordings

  • Looking After Your Liver Online Course with the Tummy Tamer

    Looking After Your Liver

  • Start Healing Your Digestive System 15 Days

    Start Healing Your Digestive System 15 Days

  • Free 5 Days Course

    Tamer Tummy FREE 5 Day Online Course


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