Looking After Your Liver


In this online self-led course you will learn about Cholesterol

Find out what Cholesterol is and what it does. Learn about foods to reduce Cholesterol naturally



Looking After Your Liver

Are you looking to get support for Reducing your Cholesterol Levels Naturally?
What can you do for great Gallbladder and Liver support?
Do you need to support it even if the Gallbladder has been removed?
In this online self-led course, you will learn about Cholesterol.

  • Firstly, find out what Cholesterol is and what it does.
  • What supplements are best to reduce cholesterol levels safely?
  • Learn about foods to reduce Cholesterol naturally.

Additionally, you will learn how inflammation can harm us even though we need it for healing.

The recipes included are designed to help lower inflammation and support the liver. They also taste good and easy to cook.

FREE 15-Minute Consultation Included

Also, you have an opportunity to have your Nutritional Therapy questions answered.   Schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation with The Tummy Tamer to tailor the suggestions to your own needs.




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