Nutritional Therapy Coaching Program


One-to-one personalized Nutritional Therapy Coaching Program. Book 4 Sessions to support you to improve your health through natural food and lifestyle changes. Together we create a motivational structure for consistent change and improvements that last.

The Tummy Tamer helps with gut health problems like bloating, reflux and heartburn.

Coaching can help people who struggle with digestive issues and need support in healing the gut slowly in a healthy way. Participants will be provided with healthy nutritional information including recipes, shopping support and menus. Together we create a motivational structure for consistent change.

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The Tummy Tamer, created a Nutritional Therapy Coaching Program to support in reaching your health goals. Qualified Nutritional Therapist, Sinéad Dundon, builds on the information over the 4 weeks to help ensure successful changes. The 4 Week Programs are for anyone who requires an accountability partner to make changes to their lifestyle. The cost is €395.

Options available are to meet 1. Online, or in 2. Charleville, Co Cork and 3. Adare, Co Limerick. 

What's included in the Nutritional Therapy Coaching Program

Nutritionists are qualified to give advice on the best food choices for health. In addition herbs and dietary supplements may really be beneficial. The goals is to achieve a Healthy Weight, improve mindset, focus and increase energy levels. 

Nutritional Therapy Helps investigate client's food, stress, lifestyle, toxins, genetics, trauma or other health factors. Recommendations are tailored and worked out together to make improvements that last.

Goal setting

Make changes that last. It is important to clarify your goal that you want to achieve from the program. Getting crystal clear makes it easier to work out the steps needed to get there.

Tools for support

The Initial Consultation is where we gather information with a detailed questionnaire. This is followed by structured weekly individual coaching sessions- of 50 minutes duration. Also during the questionnaire cause of issues highlighted. support we explore how the elimination & digestive systems are working.  In addition using a questionnaire allow us to quickly outline areas to support. We create a personalised food & supplement program for you. We also work on menu creation with recipes to include the best foods for your health. 


Tracking tools help provide motivation to keep going and successfully improve the health issues highlighted.  As a result of finding the right food diary that work with your schedule you will notice it really helps with successful tracking.

Home Testing

The program includes Recommendations for simple tests that you can do at home. These low cost or free tests can provide more information in getting to the root of the issues. With this in mind food allergy testing or intolerance testing using the Blood Type Testing can take the guesswork out of food choices.

A Nutritional Therapy Coaching program will give you greater understanding of the causes for issues and a clear path for progress.

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