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MindNourishment ADHD Nutrition Solutions offers a comprehensive program for children with ADHD. Our holistic approach focuses on nutrition and lifestyle changes. We address common ADHD symptoms: difficulty concentrating, impulsivity, hyperactivity, mood swings, and poor memory retention. We explore the gut-brain connection and offer practical strategies to improve focus, behaviour, and emotional regulation. Our 30-day food chart challenge, menu planning, and food elimination programs help identify dietary triggers. This helps empower parents to make the changes needed. We also assist in recognizing environmental and lifestyle factors. Together, we manage ADHD naturally for long-term positive outcomes.”


MindNourishment ADHD Nutrition Solutions is a comprehensive 4-week program designed to support children with ADHD.  The online program aims to address a range of symptoms commonly associated with ADHD through a holistic approach.

Centered around nutrition and lifestyle changes, we target difficulty concentrating, impulsivity, hyperactivity, mood swings, and poor memory retention. We understand the challenges faced by parents in managing these symptoms and offer a structured framework to empower them in this journey.

What’s involved

Components such as menu planning, task prioritization, food journaling, and exploring the gut-brain connection are included. Additionally, our program provides practical strategies to improve gut health, digestion, and bowel movements. Also, learn how to improve focus, behaviour, and emotional regulation in children with ADHD with nutritional support.

Families get access to a 30-day food chart challenge, school lunch suggestions, and support with a 3-week food elimination program. We help identify and eliminate potential dietary triggers that may exacerbate ADHD symptoms.

The MindNourishment ADHD Nutrition Solution program addresses ADHD at its core. Through thoughtful integration of nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments, we offer support for children with ADHD. Approaches aim to encourage families to create strategies to deal with symptoms of ADHD effectively and promote overall well-being. Each of the 4 weeks of our program is designed to empower parents and nurture their children’s well-being.

Additionally, our program helps parents recognize environmental and lifestyle factors that could impact their child’s well-being, enabling a comprehensive approach to managing ADHD naturally and promoting long-term positive outcomes.


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