Nutritional Therapy Consultation


Book a Nutritionist. In your Nutritional Therapy Consultation you will work with The Tummy Tamer  Sinéad Dundon. I give support to change your diet to improve conditions like bloating, heartburn.painful gas or wind and digestive problems.


What can you expect from your Nutritional Therapy Consultation?

Together, we review what factors may contribute to ill health. The food you eat and drink, as well as medication and supplements, are looked at. We can examine further potential causes such as stress, poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, genetics, and past trauma that may affect health.

Firstly, you can use the link to book a time and place to meet.

I work online via Zoom,  Whats App or Google Meet.  I can meet clients in person at New Leaf Health Food Shop in Charleville Co Cork and Adare Pharmacy, Co Limerick.

You will be sent a questionnaire that can be filled out online. During the initial Consultation we analyse the information from the questionnaire.

How Long Does a Nutritional Therapy Consultation last?

A single session will last an hour. You can book another session as a follow-up. You can also book a package of 4 sessions. This will provide support, tracking, and accountability as you make the necessary changes on your journey to health.

What’s Included in a Consultation with a Nutritionist?

As we work together in the Nutritional Therapy Consultation, you are given easy-to-follow personalised nutrition advice. This will include guidelines for moving forward with your plan of action. We compare your actual diet to an ideal diet to help the conditions uncovered in the consultation Further support to implement changes will be booked in if required.

Further testing is available for food sensitivity and reactions This can give further confidence in food choices

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